The Warning Signs of Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol Use Disorder

Very often individuals may not feel the symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder or they might think they are mild enough not to be of concern. They may not even recognize them as potential trouble signs of an impending alcohol use disorder. Yet they could be on their way to a drinking problem and not even be aware of it.

If your drinking habits change or become heavy, over time your situation could grow into an alcohol use disorder.

The causes of problem drinking can be due to multiple of factors – genetic, physiological and social factors can all play a role with every situation being different. For some who abuse alcohol, psychological traits such as impulsiveness, low self-esteem, and a need for approval can prompt inappropriate drinking. Some may drink as a coping mechanism for handling life’s problems. There can be social and environmental causes behind the drinking as well. Peer pressure and easy availability to alcohol can also play a part. Poverty and physical or sexual abuse can also increase the pressure of developing alcohol dependence.

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Source: Retrieved March 1, 2016.

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